Nail It on Instagram.

Apply these tactics to earn the trust of the decision makers of your potential clients… “The Ladies.”

If you’re a residential construction company you have got to be nailing it on Instagram (pun intended). This platform holds the attention of the ladies – and as we know it, they’re the ultimate decision makers when it comes to buying or building a home. Here are 3 tactics you can start implementing to gain the trust of the ladies…

Use the carousel galleries

Use the carousel option to showcase the process of building a home. You can post up to 10 Images. It’s a great option to show before and after and even document the process. In addition, your ideal audience, (ladies), will feel as if they are part of process. This allows them to engage and follow you through the entire process of building a home. The end result is having a fan that can be a potential client in the near future.

Create a unique hashtag for every project.

Hashtags are just a form of organizing content in instagram. Hashtags are free to create and generate. My recommendation is for you to create a unique hashtag for all your projects and use it as reference to showcase your previous and existing projects. Once you have create it the specific hashtags promote them on the description. Ladies that are active on Instagram understand how Hashtags work.

Use Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to educate, inform and entertain. Through the stories educate the ladies. Elaborate on the different stages of the home building process. Taking them through the process will set you as a reliable construction company that knows what it’s doing. In addition to education, get them involve, ask them for feedback, let them choose the color of interiors, granite, kitchen, lighting fixtures, and or rooms and bathrooms. At the end of the day you want to build a relationship, turn them into fans and in the near future into potential clients.

Instagram is a great social media to reach out to woman. Using the different features for publishing allows you to create content that will educate, inform and entertain. Doing so will help build a community of raving fans that can be potential clients in the near future.


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