Within this article, I will be sharing strategic planning for marketing and advertising your dental practice. This will consist of three fundamentals that will drive you positive returns in regards to patient acquisition and return of investment. The three fundamentals are the following:

Know who your potential patient is?
Are we targeting students, children, or business professionals?

How are we selling the service? 
Remember, is not about what we sell and or offer. Is all about how you present it, market and or advertise it.

What methods, channels, and or platforms should we market and advertise your Dental Practice?
Once we have defined who we are offering the services to we will define what channels, methods, and platforms we will use to market and advertise the dental practice. These options can include Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Once we define where the attention of your potential patient is at we will define the channels of marketing and advertising.

Marketing a dental business is one of the most difficult things to do! Honestly, how do you convince people that they should get a check up to maintain their smile? Regular people think all they have to do is brush their teeth.

Honestly promoting dental services requires strategy. The strategy requires three main points.

Who are we selling to. Who is your potential patient?
Who are we targeting? Many dental practices respond to the following: our services are for everyone. And yes I agree. Everyone needs to take care of their teeth. However, when you segment your audience it’s easier to come up with a strategy. For example: for the next three months our dental facility will be targeting the following:

Sales Professionals
Single Mothers
Medical Professionals

These are just a few ideas for segmenting your potential patient.  Once you define who your client is. It will be easier to define and create an ad. Also, it will help the dental practice polish its PR and Traditional marketing efforts. 

Did you know that in social media such as Facebook and Instagram you can target people based on their careers and or job occupation. The same applies to Google. Also, did you know that with today’s technology you can target kids and their parents.

How are we selling. What are our promotions?
How are you promoting and or selling your dental practice? If you are being to a general in your copy you will fail. The best option is to talk to your potential client. If we are selling dental services to Sales People we know that the smile is the most import aspect of a salesperson. The smile is their signature.

Since we are targeting sales professionals we create an offer or promotion that captures their attention and provokes emotions that will take them to take action.

How do we acquire more patients? We advertise dental practice by creating ad campaigns that cater to the salespeople. With the right message and the right images.

You see, marketing and advertising require strategy. Once we define who we are marketing and advertising to we can then create the promotions and ads.

Where are we selling it. Where are we Marketing and Advertising. 

Since we already know who we are targeting we can use different methods and channels to promote and target our potential patients.
Methods we can use:

  • Public Relations 
  • Traditional Marketing 
  • Refferal based program
  • Digital Marketing 

Social Media Marketing:

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest 
  • YouTube 

Search Engines:

  • Google 
  • Yahoo 
  • Bing

We can take full advantage of the Digital Advertising to target our potential patient. We can also use Traditional Advertising to reinforce our message. 

If we were to be targeting children we can run ads on YouTube  and or Games Centers like Candy Crush. Also, we can target children by interest. Interest can include: Cartoons, toys, actors, YouTube Influencers and more. 
Has you can see promoting and advertising a dental practice requires strategy. It all starts by knowing who you are advertising to. Once we have defined our audience we create ads for them. Ads that cater to their needs and emotions. And finally, we choose a platform and or channels of distribution. In this case I highly recommend the digital platforms.

Bonus Point

Before engaging in any advertising set KPI’s. How are you going to measure that your marketing and advertising efforts are working. 

KPI’s can Include: 

  • Increase in Revenue
  • Referrals
  • Office Traffic 
  • Website Traffic 
  • Service inquiries

There are more KPI that can be in place. However, KPI’s are set based on your goals and objectives. 

In this article I have covered principals on how to market your dental practice. These principals where:

Who are you targeting?
It’s important that we define who your ideal patient is.

How are we selling it? 
It’s more than just a price or a service it’s about providing value and provocating emotions. Know these factors we can create the right creative and copy that caters to your potential patient.

Where are we Advertising? 
Marketing and Advertising require strategy and the strategy begins by know who our potential patient is. Based on our potential patient we can define the platforms and channels or distribution for our advertising and marketing efforts.

Set KPI’s 
Know and analyze what’s working and what’s not. Having KPI’s will measure the progress of achieving the Goals and Objectives.

Marketing and Adverting a dental practice is not difficult. It simply requires strategy, practice and Marketing Experience. I know for a fact that if you implement these fundamentals your dental practice will increase the number of patients you currently have.

If you will like to for me to run your advertising and get you more patients get in touch with me.

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Digital Advertising Expert
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