About Jesse Brands™

Economic Driver

Hi, my name is Jesse Brands™ an entrepreneur that focuses on driving the economy. With over 10 years of business experience and an extensive educational background in the world of marketing. I work with Entrepreneurs, CEOs, CMOs, Business Owners and Managers that desire to grow and expand their company.

My focus and main goal are the following areas:

– Company Growth & Expansion
– Increase Company Awareness
– Customer Acquisition
– Customer Retention
– Increase Sales & Overall Revenue
– Penetrate New Markets & Audiences
– Marketing Strategies
– Brand Building

All of my work includes strategic planning and monitoring to meet and exceed my clients, company, and economy needs.

I don’t focus on building a client portfolio. I focus on establishing long term relationships that I call “Partners” Your success becomes my success. In order for me to be successful you must become successful.
If you are eager to grow your company and achieve your desired goals. Feel free to reach out:

Jesse Brands™
Economic Driver
(956) 369-9783


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