I want to share 3 digital marketing techniques to spy and beat over your competitors. Social media and the internet in general has become a microphone to everyone. People now have the freedom to express their thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Since people can now say anything they want and feel all we have to do is listen through reading. That’s right, simply read over your competitors Reviews, Content, Promotions and Offers. You can find all of this information over your competitor’s Facebook Timeline, Google Reviews, or Yelp. The strategy is simple, turn their negatives into your promises.

Turn their negatives into your promises.

Follow this technique and execute on the information you find. Use the following strategies.

1. Check the Reviews on Facebook.
One way to spy over your competition is to read the reviews. Good and Bad. Learn from them and see how you can turn the negatives reviews into your guarantee and overall promise. Maybe you can incorporate into your marketing material and social media content.

Reading on the negative reviews will show you what areas of the business your competition is slacking. Once you figure that out you will turn that into your business promise or guarantee. The good reviews will show you their strong areas. This will challenge to innovate and make it better and faster.

2. Study their content (Post) and Interaction.
One major issue is finding out what content works and what doesn’t. You can test yourself or you can take leverage on what your competitors are already posting. Go through their profile and see what content gets the most traction. Is it Image, Video, Text, Live, Memes or Promotions. Also, you can go a step further and review the engagement. Read the comments and responses. This will give you a more in-depth knowledge of your competitor’s in-depth knowledge of their promotions, products or services.

3. Review their Promotions and Offers.
Doing a research on pricing and value? Simply visit your competitor’s timeline and you will find current promotions or offers. Doing this will give information on special promotions and pricing of their products and services. Social media and the internet in general is making businesses very transparent and vulnerable.

4. Google your competitor (Use Search Engines).
For the additional and final technique of this article… Google your competitor. Find their business listing and read the reviews. Doing this you will be understanding the pains of the current clients and will sharpen your marketing and overall business strategy.

Social Media and the internet in general is giving the consumer the power over business. They can say and express anything they wish. In this new era of social currency what people review and say about their experience is important. Let’s take advantage of this freedom and use it strategically to learn how to better our business and beat over the competition. All we have do is listen to reading.

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